Sue Jackson – Tasmania

Sue Jackson (48) , Strahan Tasmania, January 25,2012

We met Sue and her husband Gary several times and at different spots, on our tour in Tasmania. We had very interesting conversations and a lot of fun. They did the trip on a motorbike which was Sue’s surprise for Gary’s birthday. A lady on a motorbike? She inspired me so I invited her for a 6vitesse-on-tour interview.

What did you do to become what you are today?

I was born in England, studied a degree in Pharmacy at Brighton Polytechnic where I met Gary when I was 18, he was 19. We emigrated to Australia in 1995 when I was 3 weeks pregnant. I worked for Boots the Chemist for 10 years and was ‘ear marked’ as a potential fast track executive/board material, but left the corporate world when we emigrated to Australia. I raised my 2 children whilst working part time in our local pharmacy and became a partner once my children were 14 and 12.

Who do you admire the most?

I admire people with enthusiasm and determination. Doers, women who break the glass ceiling …. eg Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton,

What gives you energy?

I get my energy from things I feel passionate about….

Do you have a dream that you hope one day to be fulfilled?

My dream is to be financially secure so that Gary can relax and finish working 50hr weeks and commuting 3 hrs a day.

In what are you a talent by nature?

My natural talent is Leadership and Motivation.

Who do you respect the most?

I respect the same people I admire

What do you need to grow as a person?

I need freedom to follow my passion, I need recognition and I need encouragement

When did you proceed by taking a small step backwards?

Yes. We are taking a big step backwards financially at present in order to attempt to get ahead in the long term

 What does ‘freedom’ mean to you?

Freedom is not having to ask for time off at work, freedom is being able to do what I want when I want and not being answerable to anyone.

What does ‘friendship’ mean to you?

Friendship is someone who sticks by me thru good and bad, offers advice, but if I get things wrong is still supportive and loyal. Friendship is reciprocal.

 What does ‘success’ means to you?

Success = $$$ and staff who are loyal, honest and innovative. They trust you and confide in you.

What would you like to change in the world?


What is the most precious for you?

Gary and My children

 Is there something that you always wanted to do, but never dared to?

My biggest challenge was finally buying into the pharmacy I should have done it 12 years ago… he who hesitates is lost.. I hope not….

What drives you?? What makes you tick?

Achievement, making things happen…. I am not a visionary, I am a doer .

What are your values?

Do as you would be done by…..

Is there a ‘red wire’ throughout your life?

Gary is my red wire……….